“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.”                                                                               — Cameron Moll

Web design should be both beautiful and completely functional. It is vital to your success. The ubiquity of the Internet and the Web has made it necessary for those who wish to communicate effectively online to be unique — to stand out from others in both appearance and content. Madison Letterform strives to provide both

of these things to our Web design clients.



PROJECT: Website for the Casper Photography Association


PURPOSE: To create a Web home for this growing photography association, promote the work of its members and encourage new memberships.


The Casper Photography Association is a burgeoning group of photographers who have been at work for many decades in the Casper, Wyoming, area. But until Madison Letterform created for them a unique website, they were limited in their ability to draw new members and showcase their work. We not only designed their dynamic new site, but we also worked to develop the group's social media identity.



PROJECT: Website for lumber and fine woodworking business Wyoming Wood 'N Works


PURPOSE: To develop a website promoting the products and uniquely-talented creative servies of this small business.


Wyoming Wood 'N Works is a small company that specializes in both large-scale raw lumber sales and very creative woodworking projects. These projects have made their way into homes and businesses across Wyoming.


The website for Wyoming Wood 'N Works needed to be able to promote both sides of the company's enterprise, as well as feature regular video and photographic updates to be viewed by perspective clients.



PROJECT: Website for Wyoming State Senator Drew Perkins


PURPOSE: To create a Web home for Wyoming State Senator Drew Perkins and provide a legislative resource for his constituents.


Wyoming State Senator Drew Perkins has served the people of District 29 since 2007; he also is a longtime attorney serving central Wyoming and an active member of the Casper community. Drew wanted to provide a great resource through which his constituents could connect with him and the Wyoming Legislature, so he worked with Madison Letterform to develop a new website to do just those things.



PROJECT: Website for author Mary Billiter


PURPOSE: To create a Web home for this romantic suspense author.


Cheyenne-based romantic suspense author Mary Billiter has published several novels, and Madison Letterform is proud to have been able to help promote Mary and her work through her great website. The site features much about Mary and her writings, but also promotes her popular blog and keeps her fans updated about upcoming book signings and appearances, as well as new book reviews about her work.