"My website consisted of a link that redirected online viewers to my social media. In a word, it was outdated. When I conducted my search for a web-based designer, I was very specific about my requirements. I wanted an interactive, fluid website, sharp design and easy accessibility. I also didn’t want to break my budget.


"Matt Roberts with Madison Letterform listened to my design ideas, and not only incorporated them into a website, his design created a brand for me that set me apart from other authors. My website transformed from outdated to innovative.


"Matt brings more than just website design into his work. What was new to me was working with a graphic designer whose journalism experience and keen eye brought added value to my product. He is a brilliant editor who hears an author’s voice and maintains it throughout their work — whether it’s a weekly newspaper column or a biography page for a website, Matt is someone I trust and value for his integrity and workmanship."


"When I signed my second publishing contract, the primary critique my publisher had focused on was my website..."

"Great work, and outstanding customer service."

"He took our old outdated site and made it fresh and appealing. It's a rare thing in the business world these days when you find someone who will listen to your needs, do exactly as you ask, and perform the work quickly and efficiently.  Highly recommended! Thank you!"