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"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
                                                                         — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Graphic design in print must do more than communicate. It must tell a story that its reader can't stop reading.


The world is awash with messages — both good and bad — selling products, promoting ideas and calling us to action.


As a result, your message — whatever that message is —  must be not only content-rich,

but relevant and designed in such a unique way that those you hope to reach will unavoidably become connected to it, and to you.


Below are several print design examples showcasing a variety of creative applications of design for print projects.



PROJECT: Promotional design materials for romantic suspense author


PURPOSE: To create multiple print products promoting Wyoming romantic suspense author Mary Billiter.


Specifically set to promote the release of Billiter's second novel, The XYZ Affair, the materials ranged from book signing posters, placed in bookstores and other venues statewide, to bookmarks and business cards.

PROJECT: Promotional brochure for Wyoming Wood 'N Works


PURPOSE: To create a promotional trifold brochure for Wyoming Wood 'N Works, a small firm specializing in specialized lumber harvesting and sales, as well as fine woodworking. Since the company needed to promote a broad array of services, the interior of the project was set up in an "expositional" format, offering potential clients of the firm with a visually appealing glimpse at their many offerings.


In additional to creating the logo and brochure, Madison Letterform also designed business cards and a website that complimented the overall design concept.

PROJECT: Unique wedding program


PURPOSE: To create and print a unique wedding program for an engaged couple that would not only provide program information to guests on the day of their wedding, but also provide more information about them, the wedding party and several beautiful engagement photos in a refined, elegant booklet that would also serve as a small keepsake worth keeping and saving to commemorate the event.


Not only did Madison Letterform craft this beautiful piece, we also worked with the couple as their professional event photographers, which included an engagement session, from which the photos were selected for the wedding program, and the wedding day itself, including the rehearsal events, preparations, ceremony and reception.


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